An Expert Guide to Assertive Communication with Dr. Randy Paterson

Dr. Randy Paterson guides us through the ins and outs of assertive communication, explaining why it’s essential for healthy, happy relationships in work, love, and life.

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Show Notes

  • What is assertiveness?
  • Common misconceptions about assertiveness
  • The 4 styles of communication
  • The benefits of becoming more assertive
  • The barriers to being assertive: the stress barrier; the social barrier; the belief barrier
  • Why it’s so hard to ask for what you really want
  • Demanding what we want vs informing people of what we want
  • DESO scripts
  • Why it’s hard to say no to what you don’t want
  • How to handle confrontation well
  • Strategies for constructive confrontation, especially how to find common ground
  • Are we responsible for other people’s feelings?
  • Beyond assertive communication: taking responsibility for your own life

You can learn more about Randy and his work here:

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