Ultralearning with Scott Young

Scott Young is a prolific writer and thinker best known for his concept of ultralearning. In today’s episode, I pick Scott’s brain about what ultralearning actually is and the many psychological benefits that come with it.

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Show Notes

  • The MIT Challenge
  • The Year without English (6:00)
  • The 30-Day Portrait Drawing Challenge (11:00)
  • What is ultralearning? (18:00)
  • Ultralearning and deep satisfaction (21:00)
  • Ultralearning and the expansion of personal possibility (27:00)
  • Ultralearning and curiosity (37:00)
  • Ultralearning and self-confidence (40:00)
  • The relationship between ultralearning and Deep Work (47:00)
  • Scott’s advice on a first ultralearning project (50:30)

You can learn more about Scott and his work here:

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