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Emotional Fitness

How to Become More Assertive →

A Guide to Living Your Own Life

Identity Diversification →

The Case for a Well-Balanced Sense of Self.

How to Think About Feelings →

7 Things You Should Have Learned About Emotions in 3rd Grade.

What If Daddy Issues Are Really Daddy Habits? →

Our past doesn’t cause suffering, but the habits it fostered may

How Our Stories Make Us Miserable →

10 Types of Negative Self-Talk (and How to Correct Them)


The 7 Habits of a Peaceful and Productive Mind →

Effective routines for a calmer, more effective mind

Productive Procrastination →

3 Counterintuive methods for using procrastination to get more work done

The 4:55 Drill →

A Simple Teachnique to Stay Productive at Work and Relaxed at Home

Deep Productivity →

3 Important Lessons I Learned After a 30-Day Digital Declutter

Reimagining Productivity →

Why we need to re-think the term productivity


Nobody Lacks Motivation. We’re Just Motivated Toward the Wrong Things →

We’re thinking about motivation all wrong

The Elements of Passion →

5 Questions from Psychology Research to Help You Find Your Passion

The Distractions List →

A Simple technique for better focus

The 4 Causes of Procrastination →

The key to breaking the procrastiantion habit is to understand your unique vulnerability to it.

How to Stop Procrastinating →

5 Strategies from a Professional Psychologist


How to Start a Mindfulness Practice →

A Quick Guide for Complete Beginners

No Seriously, What Is Mindfulness? →

Why mindfulness is both more important and less complicated than you think

Ordinary Mindfulness →

How to Be More Mindful in Everyday Life

25 Tiny Lessons I’ve Learned from a Daily Mindfulness Meditation Practice →

A collection of helpful and thought-provoking ideas about meditation

Stress & Anxiety

Why We Worry (and How to Stop) →

Understanding the function of worry is essential to undoing the habit

Paradoxical Problems →

When Hard Work Doesn’t Work

Trying to Control Anxiety Will Always Backfire →

When we try to control anxiety, we end up making it worse because we teach our brain to fear itself.

A Beginner’s Guide to Anxiety →

Everything you wanted to know about anxiety in one place

The Stress-Reducing Magic of Punctuating Your Life →

Chronically stressed? You probably need more whitespace in your life.

Better Sleep

How to Fall Asleep Amazingly Fast with Deliberate Worry →

The single best technique for falling asleep fast

The Problem With Sleep Hygiene →

Why Sleep Hygiene does more harm than good

The Beginner’s Guide to Insomnia →

Everything you wanted to know about insomnia in one place

How to Sleep Well Before a Big Day →

5 Practical Strategies to Get the Rest You Need to Do Your Best Work

Is Blue Light Destroying Your Sleep? →

No, but Worrying About it Is.

How the Simpsons Cured My Insomnia →

The upside of watching TV in bed


Minimalism Terrifies Me. And That’s a Really Good Thing. →

Why Minimalism is about more not less

What Is Digital Minimalism? →

Why we all need to be more intentional with the personal technology in our lives

The 30-Day Digital Declutter →

What I learned after going a month without any optional personal technology

The Case for Mental Minimalism →

No, but Worrying About it Is.

Habit Building

How I Used The Seinfeld Method to Create a Writing Habit →

This technique will help you start and stick with any habit

8 Habits I Practice to Strengthen My Mental Health →

Essemtial routines and habits for better mental health

How to Make New Habits Stick (Even on a Crazy Schedule) →

9 practical tips for establishing new habits in difficult circumstances

The 2 Qualities of Transformative Routines →

For better routines and habits, make sure they have these two ingredients


Cheerfulness Is Not a Personality Trait. It’s a Virtue. →

On the dangers of confusing feelings and actions

5 Underrated Self-Help Books Everyone Should Read →

These are some of my favorite self-help books that actually help

5 Ways to Boost Your Creativity with Divergent Thinking →

Simple strategies for becoming more creative

Does Everyone Need Therapy? →

No, but everyone could benefit from it.

The 10 Best Books for Genuine

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