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If you’re new to my work, these three articles should give you a good sense for what I write about:

Best Articles by Topic

I have a lot of interests, which means I write about a lot of different topics. I’ve tried my best to break down some of my most popular pieces according to general topics and themes.

Emotional Fitness



Anxiety & Stress

Better Thinking

Emotional Intelligence


Mental Health

Habit Building

Personal Insight

Mindfulness & Meditation


Sleep & Insomnia


Quote Reviews

I used to write traditional book summaries and reviews, but it was too boring. So I started a new type of book review/summary I call Quote Reviews.

It’s a very short intro to the book and main idea, followed by my favorite quotes from the book, each with a few brief thoughts of my own on the topic.

The Archive

Remember that scene from the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark…

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Not for the faint of heart, but you could always browse the archive to see a complete list of everything I’ve ever written for this site, organized by year.

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I use Twitter mostly as a way to test-out little idea seeds to see if they’re worthy of becoming full-blown articles and guides. If you’ve read through all my articles, that’s really your last chance to get more writing from me 🙂