Practical Psychology for Rigorous Self-Improvement

The Newsletter

Weekly articles about how to achieve your personal development goals better and faster using psychology and behavioral science.

Whether we’re trying to start a new business, communicate better with our spouse, or just get a better night’s sleep, our own psychology is often the hidden source of friction for achieving our goals.

  • Maybe a self-critical mindset and inner voice makes it difficult to begin new projects or explore new interests.
  • Or a difficulty with procrastination makes even the simplest tasks a struggle and constant source of frustration.
  • Perhaps a lack of self-confidence makes it hard to be assertive and ask for what we want.

In any case, by learning some basic principles from the science of behavior change, we can equip ourselves to tackle these problems much more effectively.

Covering topics from motivation and deep work to stress management and insomnia, my weekly newsletter is all about working smarter to achieve our most important goals and aspirations.