Designing Better Conversations with Fred Dust

Designer and author Fred Dust joins me on the show to discuss how we can use principles from design to have better, more impactful conversations.

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Show Notes

Here are some of the highlights from our conversation:

  • The distinctiveness of podcast conversations
  • Mission-driven vs exploration-driven conversations
  • The 3 ways conversations get derailed
  • The usefulness of constraints in conversation
  • Adjusting the speed of conversations
  • The benefits of rehearsing hard conversations
  • Overcoming self-consciousness in conversation
  • Wearing jeans in the White House
  • Environmental design
  • Behavioral experiments
  • Active listening vs creative listening
  • Illuminations
  • Dealing with being triggered
  • Self conversation

You can learn more about Fred and his book at his website:

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Hello Nick, I always learn something from you during your podcasts ( and by reading your excellent articles) but unfortunately the conversation with Fred Dust was a waste of time . He is not articulate ( says « like « about 1000 times) and demonstrated his complete ineptitude in having a conversation. He doesn’t even listen and the conversation is all about him.
Of course that is not your fault and despite of which, poor guest speakers make you look good ! Best of luck in finding the articulate and talented for your future podcasts.

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