Better Sleep with Insomnia Coach Martin Reed

In this episode of Minds & Mics, I talk with Martin Reed, a health coach who specializes in helping clients with insomnia and sleep issues.

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Show Notes

Here are some of the highlights from our conversation:

  • Martin’s own struggles with insomnia and how they led him to become an insomnia educator and coach
  • Coaching vs therapy for insomnia and sleep issues
  • The dangers of insomnia “communities”
  • Similarities in what causes insomnia
  • What makes a case of insomnia “extreme”?
  • Sleep trauma
  • The one thing Martin wishes people would do for better sleep health
  • Misguided cultural messages around sleep
  • The future of sleep health
  • Something Martin’s changed his mind about recently about sleep and insomnia
  • How Martin deals with occasional bouts of poor sleep

You can learn more about Martin and his work here:

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