Secrets to a Happy Marriage with Sam Hamburg

Clinical psychologist and marriage therapist Sam Hamburg joins Nick to discuss common myths and misconceptions about happy marriages, communication in relationships, and the advice all newlyweds should get but never do.

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Show Notes

  • Why communication is never really the problem 
  • Why commitment is no guarantee of happiness
  • The myth of hard work in marriage
  • Why compatibility is the secret to a happy marriage
  • The 3 dimensions of compatibility 
    • Practical Dimension 
      • Gender roles
      • Money and finances
      • Maintenance
      • Leisure time
      • Family boundaries and privacy
    • Wavelength Dimension 
      • Shared values
      • Spiritual orientation
      • Sense of justice
      • Shared primary concern (kids, careers, hobbies)
    •  Sexual Dimension 
      • Sexual preoccupation
      • Comfort with sexuality
      • Sexual style
  • Thinking systematically about marriage
  • The romantic phase of love
  • The mechanics of a happy marriage 
    • Don’t leave your sex life to chance
    • Maintain your wall of privacy
    • Childproof your sexual relationship (and the rest of your relationship) 
    • Have rachmones with your spouse

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Thank you so much for such an illuminating discussion. This really helped to shine a light on my and my husband’s long relationship of 40 years together.

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