How to Have Difficult Conversations Well with Adar Cohen

Dr. Adar Cohen joins me on the show to talk about his work as a professional mediator and how we can all learn to get better at having the big, difficult conversations in our lives.

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Show Notes

Here are some of the highlights from the conversations:

  • The Farsi concept of Taroff
  • The psychology behind conflict avoidance
  • The 3 main outcomes of difficult conversations: 1) Solution, 2) Plan, 3) Understanding
  • Achieving deep understanding in conversations
  • The elements of effective listening
  • Open-ended questions vs. litigious questions
  • The importance of uncovering “gem statements”
  • How to prepare in advance for difficult conversations
  • How to handle defensiveness in difficult conversations
  • The importance of silence in difficult conversations
  • How to be a good mediator for other people

You can learn more about Adar and his work here:

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Dear Nick, thanks so much for this. I am a chronic avoider of difficult conversations and as I am actively working on becoming more assertive, this is something I really need. Love your content.

You are a shining light of advice in a dark sea of “influencers”.

Best wishes,

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