My 10 Most Popular Articles of 2022

I published 61 articles in 2022. Here are the 10 most popular:

  1. 3 Psychological Reasons You Struggle to Regulate Your Emotions
  2. The 2 Sides of Confidence
  3. 7 Anxiety Myths Everyone (Mistakenly) Believes
  4. 6 Psychological Reasons There’s So Much Conflict in Your Relationship
  5. 4 Rules for Better Self-Esteem
  6. How to Forgive Yourself
  7. Confidence Killers: 10 Habits You Should Give Up to Feel More Confident
  8. 4 Tips for Building a Healthier Relationship with Your Emotions
  9. 6 Habits That Are Making You Insecure
  10. 10 Ways to Stay Calm In Difficult Conversations

And here are a few more of my personal favorites that didn’t make the top 10:

And if you’re curious, you can see my 10 most popular articles from 2021 here →

What should I write about in 2023?

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Managing conflict and have plenty more.

Be pleased to support, research and co-author some articles with you Nick in 2023. Suggest more interview style in the Make Meaningful Work Studio to give some audio visual and character to some of these topics.

Your articles are wondrous. Please give finishing touches to your articles with different ways of acceptance of life events so that the problems will automatically triggered with the solutions…
Thanks n Happy New year 2023

I find your articles so helpful, insightful and practical. I look forward to them every week. My husband and I have dubbed 2023 “The Year of Mental Health” and are looking forward to changing some “thought” habits. Thank you, Nick!

Hi Nick.
I also look forward to your weekly insights on how to be a more fulfilled and balanced human being.
I love your pragmatic, “how you can do it” approach to each of your topics. This is pure gold dust.
I would appreciate your thoughts on how to access and integrate head, heart and gut intelligence in a balanced and meaningful way.
Thanks for sharing your wisdom so generously. You are making a significant difference in our lives.❤️

Hi Nick,
it would be nice to have lighter topics amongst all of the gruelling topics.
Topics on self such as, who am I, how do you think logically, thinking objectively to come to more correct conclusions, how to have a happy life, purpose, new years resolutions and goal setting, recognising what you need to change and changing, conflict, how important values are to you and society, striving to mature into adult thinking.
Topics on others and being liked such as friendships, marriages, parenting, society and fitting in.
Pertinent historical events and writing, art and music pioneers. Different peoples magic formulas for a better life.
And remind us that change takes time and effort and prioritising so cheer us on and for those who require heavy topics, links are provided to get help needed.
The lighter topics give hope, and feed our curiosity; about our selves, our lives and others to make the world a better place; because we work on ourselves. And keep those healed in the loop.
Love your work and you:)l

Continue your work. You’re doing it right. Your practical advices are changing my outlook on life.
Greetings from Poland

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