Ancient Chinese Philosophy and Mental Health with Alexus McLeod

Philosopher Alexus McLeod joins me on the show to talk about ancient Chinese philosophy and what it can tell us about alternative approaches to mental health today.

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Show Notes

Here are some of the highlights from our conversation:

  • Mental health in ancient Chinese philosophy
  • Eastern vs Western approaches to philosophy
  • Alexus’s Essay in Aeon (12:00)
  • Communal approaches to personhood (13:00)
  • Character and community (19:30)
  • Stoicism and Buddhism (23:20)
  • Can society cause mental illness? (25:00)
  • Harmony and mental health (39:50)
  • Individuality, alienation, and mental health (44:00)
  • Questioning cultural assumptions productively (49:40)
  • Community innovation and mental health (55:00)

You can learn more about Alexus and his work here:

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