Managing Creative Overwhelm with Jay Clouse

In this episode of Minds & Mics, I talk with Jay Clouse, the creator and host of one of my favorite podcasts, Creative Elements. Jay and I get into the details of creative overwhelm and burnout and how Jay manages it.

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Show Notes

Here are some of the highlights from our conversation:

  • What does overwhelm actually look like for Jay?
  • Hard works as a response to feeling overwhelmed
  • Respect for deadlines as a core part of Jay’s identity
  • Jay’s approach to “de-scoping” his schedule and task list to combat overwhelm
  • Underestimating the maintenance cost of evergreen products
  • The investment banker and the fisherman
  • How Jay thinks about work-life balance and what enough looks like
  • Why it’s so hard to say no and let go?
  • Cultural pressure to keep doing more and never let go
  • How Jay thinks about self-care and what it looks like when the “red light” is flashing.
  • What it looks like to really show up emotionally for important people in his life.
  • Has being a podcaster and community builder made Jay a better listener in his personal life?
  • Jays biggest insecurity as a creator

You can learn more about Jay and his work here:

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