Exploring the Adaptive Unconscious with Dr. Sarah Sarkis

Dr. Sarah Sarkis joins me on the show to talk about the adaptive unconscious, self-sabotaging behavior, attachment patterns, and therapy vs performance coaching.

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Show Notes

Here are some of the highlights from our conversation:

  • The adaptive unconscious
  • Defense mechanisms
  • Self-sabotage
  • Improving self-awareness
  • Developing an observing ego
  • Attachment patterns
  • Compensation and replication of attachment dynamics
  • Emotional masking
  • Using emotional pain as motivation
  • Is it the crime or the cover-up?
  • Psychological flexibility
  • Therapy vs coaching
  • Flow Research Collective

You can learn more about Sarah and her work at her website: DrSarahSarkis.com

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I’m sorta? Looking forward to this…given most people are visual, can I ask why there isn’t a transcript, even at a cost? I may not listen because it takes longer, I cannot study it and I’m not auditory inclined.

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