Finding Focus

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Finding Focus

Stop Procrastinating and Get Motivated.

Finding Focus is a brief, practical course that will teach you how to overcome procrastination and achieve your most important goals using a unique values-based motivation framework.

Created by psychologist Nick Wignall, PhD

I have a new sense of clarity about my goals.

I have always over-worked, sometimes to the detriment of other more important priorities. Learning to view goals—including conflicting goals—through a values lens has been a game-changer for me!


What You Will Learn

A proven method to achieve your most important goals

Values Work

  • How to stop relying on willpower and discipline to get things done
  • Build a sustainable source of motivation for any goal or task
  • Overcome The Procrastinator Mindset and other limiting beliefs

Practical Exercises

  • Values Writing to harness intrinsic motivation
  • The EVA Method to resist procrastination and foster deep focus
  • A powerful goal-setting checklist to optimize your progress

Unique Insights

  • Learn the most research-supported theory of procrastination
  • Dispel the biggest misconceptions about motivation and focus
  • Learn how to identify and clarify your personal values

I finally dove into the project I was so afraid of!

A great mix of theory and practical tools to be more focused. Highly recommended!


My thinking is so much clearer now that I see the values behind my goals.

I’m now much more driven to move forward because of a deeper understanding of my values. I really enjoyed the course and recommend it highly.


Curriculum & Content

Take a look inside the course…

Finding Focus is a self-guided video course which means you can:

  • Access the material immediately after purchasing.
  • Work through the content at your own pace.
  • Revisit the material any time.

The course includes:

  • 16 focused video lessons taught by Nick
  • A library of downloadable tools and resources
  • Lifetime access to all lessons and materials


Starting Strong

  • Welcome and introduction
  • How the Finding Focus approach to procrastination is different than most “productivity-based” approaches
  • Why a “psychology-first” approach is more effective long-term
  • Specific and actionable advice for using the course well


The Psychology of Procrastination

  • The Gravity Theory of Motivation (and why willpower is a terrible strategy for achieving goals)
  • What really causes procrastination according to the research (The Procrastination Equation)
  • Why discovering and clarifying your personal values is the key to sustained motivation and deep focus


Values Writing

  • The power of personal values for building intrinsic motivation for any goal or task
  • How to use the core values writing exercise to boost motivation and resist procrastination
  • A powerful journaling exercise to help you discover and explore your personal values


The Plan

  • A structured approach to goal-setting that optimizes for sustained motivation
  • How to use “focus sprints” to break out of analysis paralysis and start making progress quickly
  • Specific step-by-step advice for putting the concepts and tools from the course into practice immediately

Lifetime access to all course material and content

You’ll also get free access to new and updated content over time plus invitations to special guest classes and expert events.

It’s helped me make real progress each day!

It was especially helpful to learn how the concepts are tied back to research, and how defining positive beliefs help me make small changes in how I am approaching both my work and my relationships.


I’ve dramatically improved my focus.

The course helped me realize that many of the goals I was procrastinating on really weren’t aligned with my values and it was ok to drop them. At the same time, I discovered that many of my “someday” goals were the ones I really needed to be working on.


Who Teaches the Course?

Hi, I’m Nick Wignall

A little bit about me…

  • I’m a board-certified clinical psychologist with an MA from The University of Chicago and a PhD from The University of Texas Southwestern
  • For 7 years, I worked as a psychotherapist specializing in helping high-achievers work through struggles like anxiety, insomnia, and chronic stress.
  • I cofounded Loom, a human capital consulting firm that helps high-performing teams build trust and communicate effectively.
  • I’m the creator of The Friendly Mind newsletter which is read by 50,000+ people each week.
  • I also teach two other course: Creating Calm, which is a step-by-step approach to overcoming chronic anxiety, and Mood Mastery, my flagship cohort-based course on building emotional resilience.

I get more stuff done with less drama.

One thing that’s been especially helpful to me is how much better I am at dealing with resistance now. The values approach has helped me be more curious, and as a result, procrastinate less.


Highly recommended!

Nick is an outstanding teacher and guide. And the focus on values was especially helpful.


Still Got Questions?

Common Questions

Can I give this course as a gift to someone else?

Definitely! When you go to check out, just check the “Send as a gift” box after your billing information, and you’ll be able to pay for it but then send the course to anyone you like (you just need their email address).

ff gift

What type of course is this, exactly? Live? Video? Self-paced?

Finding Focus is a self-paced video course. There is no live component. You are free to work through the lessons and content at any pace you like, although I do give guidance inside the course as to what I think is the ideal approach to working through the course.

Who is this course for, specifically?

Finding Focus is for anyone who wants to make meaningful and sustained progress on their most important goals. It’s especially useful for people who have found traditional “productivity-based” approaches to procrastination unhelpful.

What exactly will I learn in this course?

You’ll start by learning about the core psychological dynamics that govern motivation, procrastination, and focus. We’ll look specifically at the most research-supported theory of procrastination—the procrastination equation—and why a psychological approach to procrastination is so powerful.

Next, we’ll dive into values work and explore how discovering and clarifying your personal values can be a tremendous source of untapped motivation to keep you focused on your goals and overcome procrastination.

Finally, we’ll end the course with a structured and practical framework for goal-setting, as well as how to use a “focus sprint” to get started implementing the core practices of the course.

How long will it take for me to make progress on my goals?

The course only takes a few hours to work through in total and the primary practice of the course, values writing, can be learned and implemented right away.

Best results will come from at least 30 days of consistently implementing the core exercises and practices from the course.

Do I get lifetime access to the course?

Of course! Once you buy the course, you can revisit the lessons, exercises, and content as often as you like.

Do you have a refund policy?

Absolutely. Trying the course is 100% risk-free and comes with a 30-day no-questions-asked refund policy.

Start making real progress on the goals that matter most.

Finding Focus

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